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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links November 9, 2011

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Happy Wednesday Spursland! Today we find ourselves adrift in a see of negative news.  On the bright side none of it has to do with how we are playing on the pitch.

And now the "news"

Stevie P Has A Case Of The Weepys-Sky Sports

I have never thought of Steven Pienaar as anything more than the definition of a solid workhorse player, but this interview makes me like him a lot more.  Just the way he says things, you know this guy is a god damn pro and is passionate about the game, not a pre-madonna who doesn't put the team first.

Spurs Accused Of Going Rupert Murdoch On The London 2012 Committee-BBC

Kevin posted this yesterday but it's kind of a big deal so in case you missed it, Daniel Levy has once again being accused of the bareknuckliest of bare knuckle business tactics/law breaking.

Tottenham Considering Legal Action Against Baroness Ford-City AM

Hopefully this Baroness Ford who is the accuser in the spying allegations is not nearly as dangerous as this Baroness.  Otherwise Dan Levy might have met his sexy sexy match.

Whats happening around SB Nation After the jump

Former Juventus GM Finally Sentenced in 6 Year Old Italian Match Fixing Case-SB Nation Soccer

6 years to get a sentence? No wonder this countries economy is tanking so hard. This shit would never fly in Germany.  Angela Merkel FTW.

More On Smith Leaving The Rapids-SB Nation Soccer

Everyone sucks.  Moving on.

VIDEO:Ryan Taylor Kick Ball Good-Coming Home Newcastle

I love goals by volley, half volley or any other fraction of a volley, and you should too.