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Younes Kaboul Uninterested In Old Ladies

Younes Kaboul is a large person
Younes Kaboul is a large person

I love that Juventus' nickname is the Old Lady. It allows me to make extremely immature jokes in headlines. This headline exists due to the fact that Juventus are reportedly interested in Tottenham Hotspur defender Younes Kaboul. Our giant monster of a Frenchman has rubbished those talks. Also, I look for any excuse to use "rubbish" as a verb.

The Old Lady of Italian football has enjoyed a nice little resurgence this season. They've more or less been wildly disappointing since Calciopoly, but this year has been a different story. Thanks to the acquisitions of Alessandro Matri, Arturo Vidal, Andrea Pirlo and Stefan Lichtsteiner, Juventus is on top of the table in Serie A. Problem is, they need more help in defense. Giorgio Chiellini has played both central defense and left back, and he's not great at either. Gone are the days when he was considered one of the best up and coming defenders in the world.

Here's what Kaboul supposedly said. Not that I trust Sky to not make up stuff like this or take unrelated quotes totally out of context. Whatever, here's Younes.

"Juventus is a great club and attractive. But, to be honest, I like it here at Spurs, so I am here and we are trying to fight until the end of the season to be challenging for the title and also for the Champions League positions. Hopefully we will achieve that because this league is a tough league."

In short, eff off Old Lady.