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Get Your Questions In For The Wheeler Dealer Radio Mailbag

Ballin' So Hard in the League
Ballin' So Hard in the League

Remember how we had all those good vibes and excitement coming out of the West Brom win? Well, yesterday's Europa League against PAOK seemed to do a good job at sucking the joy out of Spurs supporters. Still, Tottenham is shockingly third in the league with a game in hand.

Anyways though, all you crazy kids do get to look forward to a new episode of Wheeler Dealer Radio. We're getting to the part of the year where Kevin will talk transfer rumors, so get in all your questions about that. Also feel free to drop us a query on the West Brom win, PAOK loss, or whatever else suits your fancy. Please send in your thoughts on Ashlock's surely departed Pedo-Stache. It's follicle glory may be gone, but the meme will live on in infamy.

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