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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For December 12, 2011

God, if you are up there, please strike down this idiot referee
God, if you are up there, please strike down this idiot referee

Happy Monday Spursland! So how was everybody's weekend? Mine was ok, I spent most of it doing some Christmas type things with my kids and the rest of it was spent trying to figure out exactly concoction of booz Chris Foy was drinking. After exhuastive research I must conclude that barbiturates were somehow involved in the mixture.

And now the "news"

Chris Foy Will Not Be Getting A Christmas Card From Arry-BBC

The video interview with Harry is fantastic. Hopefully he will not be penalized by the FA for what are legitimate and very polite criticisms of the refereeing. Then again this is The FA we are talking about, anyone disagreeing with a referee is tantamount to treason!

Crouch Rejects Handball Claims-Sky Sports

Luis Suarez is the only one who agrees with you.

Harry Invites Villa Boas To Stop Complaining-The Guardian

I happen to agree, but I work with teenagers who complain all the time so I am not exactly an objective observer. What I do know is that right or wrong nobody likes a complainer and if they were on the fence about you before, complaining only pushes them over onto the other side.

Chelsea Will Not Renew Modric Quest-Sky Sports

Looks like somebody learned their lesson.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Atomic Ball Tap: Santos Laguna Edition-SB Nation Soccer

Straight red homie

Young Pyo Lee Is Kind Of A Big Deal-Sky Sports

I conducted a survey amongst my many Korean students to see if the above title is true, they have concluded that I am an idiot, and yes he is.

Milan Do Not Have A Deal Secured For Carlos Tevez-SB Nation Soccer

Apparently those sneaky Italians tried to get an non binding loan with an option to buy for 23 million euros. And City decided that they just want to get rid of him and not prolong the agony of owning Tevez's rights as others have done before them.