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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links December 13, 2011

A Lanister always pays his debts
A Lanister always pays his debts

Happy Tuesday Spursland! 'Tis the season baby! We have Sunderland on Sunday And then a holiday(ish) fixture against Chelsea. Plus we get that game against those cheeky Dubliners this Thursday! An embarrassment of riches if ever there was one. To top it off you can watch them while singing festive songs like this one. Yeah, that entire intro was me shoe-horning in that link.

And now the "news"

"Spurs Are TItle Contenders"-Woody-Sky Sports

Oh Woodgate, haven't you heard? It was only cool to call Spurs title contenders last week. This week the cool thing to do is blast Scott Parker for being complete and utter crap. Next week, acid wash jeans are coming back.

Sir Chris Hoy To Spurs Fans "I'm Not That Guy"-The Guardian

The Olympic gold medalist in cycling seems to be taking the confusion in good humor.

Harry Readies For Shock Kaka Loan Move-Express

Here is a GIF of me sharing that rumor with a lady Madird fan. I think that sums up that rumor about right.

Whats happening around SB Nation after the jump

The Faces Of Jose Mourinho-SB Nation Soccer

Put on your giggling boots before you click on this one.

Everton Maneuvering For Henry Loan Move-Royal Blue Mersey

You can't fault David Moyes for trying. Everton need a striker and when you are as handicapped as that team is, when you face a problem you really do need to throw the kitchen sink at it.

Chelsea Beat Citeh-SB Nation Soccer

I never thought I would have that feeling of satisfaction you get from watching an underdog win about a Chelsea team. Surprises are all around us!