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Take a look at your wonderful new masthead!

Hey CFC community, just wanted to hit everyone with a quick announcement. You will probably notice some extremely subtle changes around here in the next couple of weeks. Almost all of our writers are either undergraduate or graduate university students, while one of them is an instructor at a university. Over the next week, they will all finish with finals, this coincides with holiday fixture congestion and the opening of the January transfer window.

That combination of factors - finals ending, transfer window opening, fixture congestion - means that we're going to have a bunch more content around here shortly. At the same time, I'm trying to "revive" the somewhat dormant FMF State Of Mind, which has suffered due to the other commitments of its writers. As a result, we're adding a bit of help.

On the masthead, you'll see two new authors and one promotion, all of which should not be the least bit surprising to the members here. The Sleeper's Sleep and Nick Petrilli are now authors here at CFC. Nathan's next long-form piece, in a similar vein to his previous piece on the "Y-Word", is one on Tifos and banners in football. Nick's been doing some great work in the fanpost section, and his posts will now appear as articles on the front page.

Also, Brian Mechanick is now an editor along with Bryan Ashlock and Ryan Rosenblatt. Expect more regular stuff from Brian going forward, at least until he gets owned by finals again in the spring.

I'm still around and I'll still be posting very regularly, but you might notice a slight decrease in posting frequency from me. This should happen at the same time as an increase in posting frequency from literally everyone else, so we should offer even better coverage here even while I'm shifting a few hours of my time per week to FMFSoM.

Back to your regularly scheduled Spurs programming!