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Harry Redknapp Receives FA Warning For Comments About Chris Foy

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Well, we had to know that this was coming. Harry Redknapp has received a warning from the Football Association for his comments following Tottenham Hotspur's 2-1 loss to Stoke City on Sunday. In his post-match press conference, Redknapp openly criticized match referee Chris Foy's decisions. Though I think that most Tottenham fans, quite a few Stoke fans and a good deal of the folks at the FA agree with him, this is not unexpected. You can't criticize officials in public.

Incredibly, Chris Foy will not be sent down to the lower leagues after his poor refereeing performance. That is...allegedly. Spooky said that he'll be reffing a Premier League match this week. He didn't site a sauce, but I found one on the google machine. Chris Foy, still a Premier League official for this week. Awesome. Here are Harry's quotes that got him warned, for good measure.

"To be honest, from the start of the game I felt like he wasn't going to give us much today. I just felt like he was quite enjoying not giving us anything.

"He's not made mistakes because he meant to, he is an honest guy, but today I just felt he had a bad day, and so did the linesman who missed Adebayor being two yards onside.

"He'll look at it tonight, on TV, when his wife is making him a bacon sandwich and think, 'Oh what have I done there?'"