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Shamrock Rovers Vs. Tottenham Hotspur, 2011 UEFA Europa League: Whatever Bro

Charlie can haz a beard
Charlie can haz a beard

Tottenham Hotspur have to play a UEFA Europa League game on Thursday. They can only get through to the knockout stages if PAOK win, they win, and they make up a five-goal gap between the two results. Based on Rubin's form and the fact that they haven't been playing domestic matches recently, this seems unlikely. Rubin will play an extremely fresh first team and are unlikely to get killed by PAOK.

Meanwhile, Spurs will be playing a team of youngsters and reserve players against Shamrock Rovers. Shamrock are obviously not a spectacular side, but our kids and reserves probably won't beat them by four goals on the road. To many of you, this is okay.

I know a lot of people here don't want us to go through. They don't want any distractions and any extra games in the final run-in. That's perfectly understandable. Not playing European football certainly helped Tottenham last time they finished in the top four. I get it, guys, and I think it's okay that you feel this way.

But I think it's a real trophy. I think it's a real trophy that we'd have a chance at winning. If a team makes a deep run in the Europa League, it helps their European coefficient a lot. We could use a whole lot of that. I still think advancing is a good thing. If you don't think so...whatever. That's just, like, your opinion, man.

I'm not going to bother with any kind of preview where I talk about our recent form, talk about opposing personnel, talk tactics, etc. Does anyone really care, in this instance? God, I hope not. Y'all need to get some damn hobbies if you do, for real.

Whatever happens, happens. The game thread should be fun with everyone not really caring that much about what happens. I look forward to it. Team news in the morning, and COYS.