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Shamrock Rovers Vs. Tottenham Hotspur, 2011 UEFA Europa League: So Much For That

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And so it ends. Tottenham Hotspur defeated Shamrock Rovers 4-0 on Thursday night, but PAOK drew Rubin Kazan 1-1. That result sends us out of the Europa League, with PAOK and Rubin going through. I am by no stretch of the imagination devastated, but I am unhappy.

When Tottenham went up 3-0 at halftime and PAOK were up 1-0 on Rubin, it felt like it was going to happen. Rubin were down to 10 and we looked brilliant. It didn't go our way. Rubin equalized, we couldn't find more goals, and we're out. Sucks for us.

Here are some good things that happened in the Europa League.

-We found out that Tom Carroll is pretty decent

-We got to see Harry Kane play, and he scored his first goal in a Spurs shirt

-No key players sustained serious injuries in Europa League games.

-Gio played well today, so that's awesome.

-We didn't harm our UEFA coefficient

And now, that's over. We have the FA Cup and the league left to play in. Sunderland on the weekend. Moving on.