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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 21: I Don't Know How To End These Things

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Well, as we look back at the week that was we do so with mixed emotions. On the one hand Tottenham Hotspur look to be on their way out of the Europa League, something you may or may not be too broken up about. On the other hand, however, Spurs are two points out of second place in the Premier League with a game in hand. So that's good, right?

In this episode of Wheeler Dealer Radio Brian, Kevin, and I look at Tottenham's matches with West Bromwich Albion, PAOK, and briefly (very briefly) preview the Bolton match. We even take some time to answer your questions. This episode is a bit longer than usual, mostly because we got off topic a couple of times, but we managed to get it together and still make an awesome show. Give it a listen and give us your feedback, especially on how you think we should end the show.

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