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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For December 20, 2011

The Dean of Troll So Hard University
The Dean of Troll So Hard University

Happy Tuesday Spursland! Short and sweet today boys and girls. Each and every night of each and every year I dream of one thing. Here is hoping someone, somewhere sees one this year.

And now the "news"

Brkic Reveals Spurs Interest-Sky Sports

That is not how you spell your name. Dude, seriously that is not how your name is spelled! There clearly should be at least one more vowel in it. Go ahead pronounce that for me. I dare you to say that out loud and soud like someone with at least 60% of their original tongue.

Olympic Stadium To Rival Spurs In Search Of Buyer For Stadium Naming Rights-The Guardian

The premise of this article is just weird. The only way it makes sense to shoe horn Spurs into this story is if you accept the idea that if two stadiums are selling their naming rights, that only one will be sold because only one company has the money to buy naming rights at any given time. That is, by the way, very not true. And really since the Olympic Stadium has been built and Spurs' new ground is pretty much still just emerging from "pipedream" status, how these two organizations will be rivaling each other is beyond me.

Terry To Be Fit For Spurs-The Independent

No word yet on if he will try to sleep with any of the players wives. Yeah, I went there.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

VIDEO: Greatest Own Goal Ever

Yeah, that title says it all.

Would Marco Reus' Move To Drotmund Show A Power Shift Away Form The Big Two German Clubs?-SB Nation Soccer

Wait there are other clubs in German besides just those two?

Yet Another Awesome Player Headed To Man United From THe Portuguese League-The Busby Babe

Is Portugal just a straight recruiting pipeline state to Manchester? Is that how it is now? I mean, Villa Boas to Chelsea aside, it seems like every time a big time transfer happens out of that league the other end of that deal features Sir Alex's shining face.