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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For December 21, 2011

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Happy Wednesday Spursland! Today In our festive little holiday song of the day we go with a song from the Tribe, considering this is a Spurs blog it is kind of overdue. It does not feature Adam Sandler doing dumb high pitched voices. You will also enjoy this song if you are a fan of awesomeness.

And now the "news"

Spurs Youngsters Set To Go Out On Loan-Sky Sports

Jake Livermore is reportedly headed to another EPL club. Good to see the young guns are going to get some playing time.

Possibly The Greatest Spurs Video Ever-Triffic Tottenham

It's really good, but is it good enough to upset the reigning champion? Let the Commentariat decide!

JD Attempted To Stop Youngsters Rioting Over The

In a great radio interview, Jermain Defoe talks about the summer riots and a personal experience had had during the riots, speaking to rioters attempting to get them to stop. It is truly fantastic.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Abby Wambach Is Good Says AP-SB Nation Soccer

While it is nice to see a soccer player winning the Female Athlete Of The Year award, she was outplayed by teammate Megan Rapinoe (Kevin disagrees because she spent so much time on the bench but its totally true).

All The Coverage Of The Suarez Ban You Will Ever Need-SB Nation Soccer

Say what you will about this situation be it Liverpool's ridiculous satement on the subject or that an 8 match ban is way to long (imagine if this was Rooney not Suarez, you would see him back in 2 games not 8). but let us allow the Prophet of Modern Football lead us on the path of truth, as he always does.

"The FA are willing to ban someone based on one persons claim, with no video evidence? In that case, the whole Man United squad racially abused me."-Mario Balotelli

Barry Bannan Reminds Us All Not To Drink And Drive-7500 To Hotle

Seriously guys, this holiday season, when there are parties and such please remember to drink, go ahead let loose, drink to your hearts content, but if you do, do NOT drive.