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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For December 23, 2011

"I make this face because I am crazy man"-Probable Adebayor quote
"I make this face because I am crazy man"-Probable Adebayor quote

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! After several attempts to sum up the events of yesterday's game I have settled that there is but one way to put it that does those events justice. "Ish be cray". For evidence please find it here. For your holiday song of the day I give you classic Frank Sinatra. I tend to hole up when home for the holidays drinking a lot of whiskey, and Frank new a thing or two about drinking whiskey. Merry Christmas boys and girls. Happy Holidays.

And now the "news"

Andros Townsend Signs New Deal-Sky Sports

The new contract keeps the winger in North London until 2016. No word yet on if his singing talents had anything to do with the club's decision.

VIDEO:Harry Calls Draw Fair-BBC

So would I. If you don't agree tell me about it in the comments section.

Spurs 4th Round Tie In The FA Youth Cup Is Set For Cardiff In


What's happening around SB Nation After the jump

PHOTO:Stuart Holden Sings With Bolton Fans At Road Game-SB Nation Soccer

This is the kind of thing I LOVE seeing. Having had this happen personally at games, your singing, jumping, drinking like a degenerate. Then you look to your left and see your hero in the stand, 4 feet away, doing the same thing. Supporting his team just as hard if not harder than you. It endears the player to the fans around him like nothing else.

VIDEO:Houston Dynamo's New Stadium Coming Along-SB Nation Soccer

It is very nice for the Dynamo fans that they get a stadium. Certain other MLS teams are not so lucky.

Three Question Tuesday-Coming Home Newcastle

I had a long romance with SB Nation's Newcastle blog once, but several weeks ago we broke up. It wasn't a amicable separation with one of their writers begging for me to return to my loving ways in the comments section of that days Hoddle Of Coffee. Well I can proudly announce that CHN and I are back together. This is a great feature they do polling their commenters on events at the club. Well done boys. if you are looking for news about Geordie football I cannot recommend them enough.