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Boxing Day Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For December 26, 2011

This guy is Not against the cameras...probably.
This guy is Not against the cameras...probably.

Happy Boxing day Spursland! After approximately 25 minutes of reading up on exactly what the hell Boxing Day is, My throughly stupid American ass has given up on figuring it out. Your holiday song of the day sums up my feelings on this subject rather nicely. Now let's watch some football!

And now the "news"

No Spurs Talk For Amauri-Sky Sports

It is a Christmas miracle! We aren't getting a useless striker in our stockings!

Supporters Federation Criticizes Spurs Use Of Head Cameras On Stewards-BBC

Tottenham has been more open recently about it's practice of having video cameras mounted on the heads of stewards. This has led to some friction with patrons and fans who do not wish to be filmed while at games, at least without their permission. It is a touchy subject from the standpoint that many view the introduction of video cameras into ground with the decline of crowd violence. I personally don't like to have my picture taken at games and often where a mask at games for that reason, but what do you think commentariat? Are the stands a place to let loose and be free of the usual social constraints or should big brother micro police each and every one of our actions in the sands?

Good News On The Gary Cahill Front-The Guardian.

And by good news, I mean that Chelsea have entered negotiations for the overpriced center back.

What's happening around SB Nation After the jump

Milan And Tevez Agree To Personal Terms, Currently Meeting With City About A Fee-SB Nation Soccer

My hope for the coming new yea is that the Carlos Tevez saga will end quickly and unlike a freshly pulled weed, never sprout again.

Your MLS Kwanzaa Wish List-SB Nation Soccer

I have to say this is about as complete a list as anyone could hope for, however I'd like to scratch the new big name DP part. I'm sick of them.