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Roman Pavlyuchenko To Break Spurs' Hearts, Leave For Anzhi

Anzhi. It's up there.
Anzhi. It's up there.

Roman Pavyluchenko has quite the reputation at White Hart Lane. He has developed a fantastic relationship with row Z and has gifted more match balls to supporters behind the goals than any Tottenham Hotspur player before him. Unfortunately, it is his close relationship with the bench that looks like it will end his stay with the club.

It's not a surprise that Pavlychuenko has wanted to move away from Spurs to a club where the player could do that radical thing called "playing" and that is especially true ahead of Euro 2012. It's also not a surprise that Harry Redknapp isn't the Russian's biggest fan despite occasional words of praise because the reality is that if Redknapp thought so highly of Pavlyuchenko, he'd play the striker.

Lucky for Pavlyuchenko, some rich men named Anzhi Makhachkala are going to throw his a life boat. Yup, those filthy rich Russians are going to bail him out of London by paying him enough money to make him happy.

"At the beginning, Roman absolutely ignored Anzhi," Pavlychenko's agent told "He wasn't against going back to Russia, but not to the Makhachkala-based team, but Pavlyuchenko is tired of the uncertainty and the lack of match action."

"He has a concrete offer from Anzhi in his hand. This offer is very good and profitable. Roman will accept it unless he gets a better offer."

So Roman is going to get his money, but will Anzhi pay Tottenham enough to seal the deal? Daniel Levy will want a return on the £14 million investment he made when he signed the striker in 2008, but Redknapp will probably be happy with £1, Spurs supporters will give him away for free and row Z wouldn't sell him at any price.