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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For December 29, 2011

"How much would this Carlos guy cost a week?"
"How much would this Carlos guy cost a week?"

Happy Pre Friday Spursland! The boys are headed to Wales this Saturday and I think that it is only appropriate that in that honor we drink Welsh adult beverages this weekend, and don't worry if you can't find any Welsh beers at your local "happy fun time dispensery", just go with Jack Daniels, who is in fact my favorite Wleshman, sorry Gareth.

And now the "news"

Harry Wouldn't Turn Tevez Down-Sky Sports

Thats fantastic, except that Dan Levy would. Although how fun would it be to see Harry go nuclear on Tevez after Carlos' first on field temper tantrum. I'd put money on Harry throwing up two middle fingers and Joe Jordan trying to reenact this.

Super Vroom's Agent Claims Anzhi Deal Ready-Guardian

As reported in the comments section yesterday in the faithful commentariat.

Spurs Loanee Steven Caulker Claims Swansea Can Suprise Spurs-Wales Online

Oh really Brutus? You know if you like it so much in Wales, why don't you just stay there. I mean Wales is probably horrible, according to a message board I found when searching "why Wales sucks" the Welsh suck because they "eat all the fish", see that, Steven Caulker is on the side of the people eating all of our fish, what a dick.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Celtic Beat Rangers 1-0 In The Old Firm Derby-SB Nation Soccer

The snobbish football nerds of the world would have me write something comparing these teams to say, the Richmond Kickers, but I, being a man of the people, will not do that. These are two storied teams rich in history and footballing culture, and any time this fixture happens I will be paying rapt attention no matter if the quality isn't what others would like it to be.

Could A String Of Robberies Of Napoli Players Be Linked To Mafia Strong Arming?-SB Nation Soccer

Nothing, absolutely nothing that happens outside of France, England, Spain, and Germany ever surprises me in the world of football. It should, but at this point it just doesn't.

Preston Zimmerman Gets On Twitter Soap Box To Air His Feelings on The USMNT Using To Many Foreign Born Players-SB Nation Soccer

This is a complicated issue, and as much a I hate when people use the phrase "real Americans" as what's his face (i bet already forgot this guy's name too) does, he does make some pretty good points. Not so much the not being born in Las Estadas Unidos or speaking English stuff, but that quality players are being overlooked for players with in some cases the flimsiest of links to the US. I'd be very interested to here what the Commentariat thinks. Full disclosure I qualify to play for Ireland, you know if they need me.

Today In Ball Injury Related Quotes-SB Nation Soccer

This Gillingham manager is a real ball buster isn't he? To soon?