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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For December 30, 2011


Happy Friday Spursland! We are going into Wales this weekend, and I hope we go in there Edward the First style and just take names (and castles) and kick balls (into nets). I can't wait for this game, Swansea vs the "just run round a bit" strategy should be the most attractive game of football we see until Manchester City in a month. Bring it Wales.

And now the "news"

Spurs Among Big Pack Chasing Teenaged Serb-Sky Sports

The asking price is 2 million which if the Guardian and its 6 bajilion "Modric out" articles are worth anything (they aren't) that would be pocket change to Levy. I mean what the hell.

Spurs Leading The Chase For Teenage Shrews Defender-Sky Sports

Sure, why not, one more teenager, lets pile them on. I wonder if we can get a rate by the pound on teenage players like you do at those candy stores in the mall? I mean lets be thrifty people.

Swansea Manager Calls Bale And Modric "Perfect"-BBC

Well that was nice of him, I take back all of those mean things I said about Wales yesterday.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

2011 Year In Review:The Top Stories From The Top Leagues This Year-SB Nation Soccer

The Big Boss Man himself Kevin McCauley reminds you of all the crazy crazy stuff that happened his year that your dumb ass forgot. Cheers!

Xabi Alonso Gets The Internet-SB Nation Soccer

OK thats way more personality than I thought he had.

Henry To Return To Arsenal For Two Month Loan-The Short Fuse

In an unrelated story Arsene Wagner fell down, hit his head and woke up thinking it was 2002 and that this will fix everything.