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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And For Links December 5, 2011

Mr. Smith is about to be suprised at what happens when he fires all them bullets.
Mr. Smith is about to be suprised at what happens when he fires all them bullets.

Happy Monday Spursland! The boys have won 6 straight in the league. The suspense is killing me, when is the bad stuff we all know is coming going to happen? I demand that it happen now. The suspense is to much to bear.

And now the "news"

Chelsea Accept Anelka Transfer Request-Sky ports

There are rumors swirling like the winter winds, that Anelka has already secured a club to move to and is simply waiting for the window to open. The Frenchmen has been heavily linked to a side from China who is so obscure I refuse to look up how to spell their name.

Redknapp Wants The FA To Wait Until The Season Ends To Name England Manager-BBC

Yeah! You hear that FA fuddy duddies, Harry doesn't want to deal with any of your shit for a few more months, then he may or may not grant you and audience and then maybe, MAYBE he will accept your offer. Until then how about you cool your jets, Harry ain't done dancing with the girl from north London yet.

Spurs Looking To Add Another Dutchman This January-Clean Sheets All Around

At this point why is Gomes even here? In fact, Heurelho, if you are reading this, just don't ever show up again. While I will miss you and appreciate everything you have done, nobody in the front office does. Head back to Brazil for a few weeks and get some sun.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Brazilian Legend Socrates Dies At Age 57, And Much Too Soon-SB Nation Soccer

He lived the life anyone would be proud of. Salut

Chicharito Injures Ankle Out For A Month-SB Nation Soccer

This guy just can't stay healthy. He is the Mexican Rafael Van Der Vaart.

Martin O'Neil Takes Over At Sunderland-SB Naton Soccer

Editor's note: Everything that theroosevelts had in this space was factually incorrect, so...yeah.