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Daniel Levy's Imaginary Shortlist: An Introduction

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It's December, which means that the transfer rumors are now coming in early and often. Even the most mainsteam of mainstream media will dive into this realm in December and January, blurring the line between truth and rumors. We will post a lot of these rumors and 95% of them will be mocked incessantly for being complete and utter nonsense. However, this series is something a little bit different.

Daniel Levy's Imaginary Shortlist is just that: Imaginary. It's a list of players that Bryan Ashlock and I compiled that Tottenham Hotspur could conceivably be interested in signing. There's a wide variation of players based on position, price, age, and league where they currently play. Some of the guys on this imaginary shortlist would slot into our starting XI instantly. Some of them are the stars for mid-table and relegation fodder teams that we're constantly linked to. Some of them are guys that you've never heard of.

We're going to start tomorrow with a bonafide star. One of the writers from this site will have a post in this series every Monday-Friday until we're out of guys to write about or the January window closes. To avoid the former from happening, leave a suggestion in the comments and we'll consider adding your suggestion to our list.