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Harry Redknapp Likes Inverted Wingers, Trolling Bloggers

I am better on the left, Bryan Ashlock. BELIEVE.
I am better on the left, Bryan Ashlock. BELIEVE.

Harry Redknapp has been listening to our podcast. Who knows where the actual quotes came from, but in an article posted in the Mirror this morning, Harry said that Tottenham Hotspur might be better off playing with inverted wingers. Yes, the dreaded inverted wingers. Despite the insistence of many that the right footed wingers should play on the right and the left footed wingers should play on the left, Harry Redknapp has decided to state otherwise.

Troll so hard, that ish cray.

"Aaron's been in good form lately," said Redknapp. "[But] I think he's better on the left than on the right, in all honesty.

"When he comes on the left, like he did at Fulham and against Bolton, he can score. He likes to duck inside on his right foot, or he can take it past you.

"I think he gets more opportunities to score goals when he plays on the left. On the other side he tends to go one way.

"When he gets on the left side, he squares people up and he can come inside around the box and he's got that shot on all the time. I think he's happier on the left.

"But Gareth's happy on the right, too. He plays there for Wales."

I actually agree with him that Lennon is better on the left, but Gareth Bale is NOT nearly as good on the right as he is on the left. I don't mind doing some occasional in-game switching, but I'm not liking the idea of playing with predominantly inverted wingers.

Also: I originally found these quotes on Sky Sports. They were attributed to the Daily Mirror and they did not link to the Mirror's piece. I was able to find (and then link) the Mirror's piece in under two minutes. I'm going to keep being a dick about this.