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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For December 7, 2011

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Happy Wednesday Spursland! On this date 70 years ago, my namesake decided to whip a little ass. Do yourself a favor, if you want to come at America's neck, pick another day. We are on the lookout this time.

And now the "news"

Three Meter Peter Thinks Spurs Can Win The League-Sky Sports

So the tall guy with the wierd cheek bones thinks that now he is gone there is nothing to stand in Spurs way of winning the title, got it!

VDV Cool With Coming Off The Bench-The Guardian

What kind of me first world do we live in when it becomes news that a player who could barely meet the flimsiest metrics of "fitness" and then doesn't throw a tantrum about not getting enough playing time?

Pav To Be Eating Baguettes Not Borscht?-Sports News Ireland

Rumor has it that our favorite vampire is lining up a swap deal to send (not so) Super Pav to Marseille in exchange for Loic Remy.

Milan Has A Tevez Deal In Place-SB Nation Soccer

Yes, Charlie will take a wage cut. Yes, he will eventually bitch and moan about being homesick or something equaly as feminine.

Animals With Soccer Balls Are Adoracute:Baby Elephant-SB Nation Soccer

This picture is for you eyes what holding 5 newborn puppies is for your soul.

MLS Unveils New Game Ball-SB Nation Soccer

Now if only they could put a little effort into making sure asshole 9 year olds stop bringing the god damn vuvuzella's to games because "its a soccer thing". I'm out on 9 year olds. We all know who is still very much into 9 year olds.