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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 22: Que Rico Papi

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Wheeler Dealer Radio, the Tottenham Hotspur podcast from Cartilage Free Captain, is back with another half-way decent episode. Myself (Bryan), Kevin, and Mechanick spend this episode discussing Spurs' victory over Bolton Wanderers, at quite a bit more length than one might expect, and previewing this weekend's fixture against Stoke City.

Also in this show we answer more of your questions and spend an unusual amount of time discussing accents and just what the hell is going on in Manchester. This show is strangely devoid of transfer rumors. I apologize for that. It won't happen again. Enjoy.

As always, in case you haven't subscribed to the podcast on iTunes yet, please do so here. Here's a direct download link for the podcast so that you can listen to it in your browser if you so desire and if you're interested in the RSS Feed then the link for that is here. Also, follow us @CFCaptain on Twitter and like us on Facebook.