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Jake Livermore And Tom Carroll Sign New Contracts Through 2016

I guess he needs a nickname now
I guess he needs a nickname now of your scribes here at Cartilage Free Captain probably should have written up this post, but they're all passed out drunk in ditches at this point in time, so it's on me. Tottenham Hotspur have announced that they have signed midfielders Jake Livermore and Tom Carroll through 2016. Livermore and Carroll are a couple of young players who first got opportunities to play with the team this season and have put in some decent performances in the Europa League.

But...they've also put in some below average performances in Europa League. And in the case of Jake Livermore, he's had a couple of pretty rough performances in the Premier League. I haven't criticized either player for their performances that were less than spectacular because they're young players without a lot of experience. But now, the kid gloves are off!

I'm optimistic that Carroll and Livermore can be decent players who make the 25-man squad in the future...but does anyone think these guys are future starters? Anyone? Bueller? And why are we giving FOUR YEAR contract extensions to players we aren't projecting as future first-choice players? SURELY I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO HAS A PROBLEM WITH THIS?

Hopefully these guys pan out, but I don't see what they've done to earn new four and a half year contracts.