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Olympic Stadium Debacle: Tottenham Hotspur To Take Legal Action? Mr. Levy, Don't Embarrass Us

ODA via Getty Images

According to an article published by The Guardian today, Daniel Levy and Tottenham Hotspur are considering taking legal action if West Ham United are granted the London Olympic Stadium. Apparently, the Tottenham camp feels that they were just lured into bidding so the OPLC would have more negotiating leverage with West Ham. They're unhappy about how the decision was leaked to the media, and if they don't like the OPLC's rationale, they're going to take legal action.

As if we hadn't already been embarrassed enough in recent weeks with Levy talking shit about West Ham and our playing striker Russian Roulette, the club might be looking to further embarrass themselves by suing because they didn't get their way. Is our board a giant group of spoiled little children?

What if West Ham got the Olympic Stadium because they aren't tearing it down? Or because they're from that area of London? Or because it doesn't relegate athletics to some lesser status? Or because they aren't huge assholes?

Honestly, I would accept any of the above rationale for West Ham being granted the Olympic Stadium, even the last one. I'm not happy that we're either going to have to stay in White Hart Lane or spend a good £200m more on the NDP than we would have spent on Olympic Stadium. It really sucks. But we don't have some kind of mandate from a higher power to be a big club.

That's how our board is acting. Like we deserve to be a big club. It's absolutely ridiculous. You earn your status as a big club. Manchester City and Chelsea have big spending owners, while Arsenal and Manchester United took out loans and raised money to build or expand their giant stadiums. They were not handed their status as financial superpowers. Either they financed new stadiums or their owners made fortunes in other businesses that they were willing to spend on football.

Daniel Levy wants something for nothing, and he's willing to sue because someone else got the something for nothing that he wanted. It's childish and embarrassing. We need to get our hands out of the cookie jar, put on some steel-toed boots, and get to work.