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Tottenham Hotspur Link Roundup (The San Silent Edition)

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Helloooooooo! I am Zlatan.
Helloooooooo! I am Zlatan.

Still really pumped from Tuesday. Although there's a lot of work left to be done, I'm thrilled with the result. 

Team News

-Next match is Tuesday, the 22nd, away at Blackpool. Kick off is 3 pm EST.

-Harry's game plan against Milan worked well. 

-In. Fucking. Credibly. Shitty. Luck. Quick recovery to you Woody. In other poor injury news for the team, the right right-back Vedran Corluka will be out for a month due to a brazen two foot challenge by Milan's Mathieu Flamini, possibly returning for the return leg at the Lane.

-Part time MMA wannabe Reno Gattuso is facing additional charges after his extracurricular altercation against Spurs assistant Joe Jordan. Reports range from a single match suspension to many more. On a related note, this article chronicles Joe Jordan's badass-ness to his playing days. 

Fodder for the Summer Transfer Window 

-Connor Wickham. Keep that name in mind this summer (here's why).

-Milan might be looking into buying one of our players (no, it's not Bale...not sure why they call him a "star").

Around the league

-The possibility of up to 40 clubs scrapping their youth systems is evidently a very strong possibility

-World Cup years mean more injuries, and higher medical bills for clubs.

-Man U's Patrice Evra signed an extension with the club.

Get at it everyone. What's catching your eye?

Editor's note: Zlatan pic only barely related, just thought it was funny and wanted an excuse to use it.