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Evan's Crystal Ball: The Rest Of The EPL Schedule Deciphered

Pav haz a tired
Pav haz a tired

This year's campaign for Tottenham has definitely been a trying effort, with great moments but some disappointments as well. Harry seems to be taking everything in stride, stating recently that replicating last year's top four finish would take a miracle. I suppose the man is right, or is trying some sort of Jedi mind trick on the entire squad. Either way, there might be some frustrated fans after Tuesday's away loss to Blackpool who are letting the cynical Spurs mindset overtake them. I'm here to help out: this is how the rest of the season will play out. No, seriously.

There are a variety of factors going into my crystal ball, namely injuries and how far we advance in the Champions League. This is going to sound extremely homer-ish, but with a healthy squad playing at their best there is no reason in my mind that we could go undefeated with the remaining schedule (draws versus Chelsea and Liverpool away and another surprise draw in there somewhere).

However, this isn't FIFA 11; the team has not had the killer instinct against bottom tier competition required to finish high on the table and struggled away from the Lane. I'm also keeping in mind that we will be missing key components to injury for stretches at a time. With all that said, here's how I see the rest of the year playing out.

March 6; Away to Wolves (1-1 Draw)

March 19; Home vs. West Ham United (2-0 Win)

April 2; Away to Wigan (1-0 Win)

April 9; Home vs. Stoke City (2-1 Win)

April 16; Away to Manchester City (2-2 Draw)

April 23; Home vs. West Brom (1-1 Draw)

April 30; Away to Chelsea (3-2 Loss)

May 7; Home vs. Blackpool (3-1 Win)

May 15; Away to Liverpool (2-0 Loss)

May 22; Home vs. Birmingham (1-0 Win)

Currently through 27 games played we have 47 points and are in fourth. My crystal ball has us getting 18 points in the remaining 11 games, leaving us with 65 points through the full season. Keep in mind we finished fourth on the table last year with 70 points and Man City finished fifth with 67. Chelsea is two points behind, Liverpool is eight points behind and Sunderland is 10 points back. The 70 point plateau is a reasonably safe zone, but will take consistent showings from the team. In my dream scenario that I mentioned above (going undefeated), we would take 30 points from the final 11 matches and finishing with 77 points; this would probably give us at least a fourth place finish and possibly even third or higher.

Alright, I'm done playing Miss Cleo. What is CFC Nation thinking of the EPL home stretch?