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Tottenham Hotspur Link Roundup: (No Spurs This Weekend...Again Edition)

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This'll be short & sweet, since you know...there's no game this weekend. (le sigh)

Team News 

-First off, a couple of fixture changes: Man City (away) is April 17; Arsenal (home) is now April 20; Chelsea (away) is now April 30.

-The team is training in Dubai this week ahead of their March 6 match away to Wolves. Some warm weather might do Welsh Jesus some good, seeing as they're targeting his comeback for the home leg vs. AC Milan on March 9.

-Due to the team's win at the San Siro, Daws says the target is on our back in the EPL.

-Gennaro Gattuso has been advised to not travel to London for the Champions League match.

-Danny Rose has been recalled from his Bristol City loan. 

-Ugh, this is still going on? David Beckham defends training with Spurs

Fodder for the Summer Transfer Window

-Last week it was English teen Connor Wickham. This week, it is a Barca starlet

Other stuff

-I thought this article was interesting about Italian tactics and how their formations keep things in the middle of the pitch. Personally, I geek out about tactics a little bit, so I'm curious to see what everyone else thinks of this. I know Kevin is a fan of Serie A, but if anyone else is and can chime in about this article I'd love to learn more.