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A Song for the 2011 Spurs

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When most Tottenham fans think of the song their favorite Spurs songs, they think of the classics: "Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur", "When the Spurs Go Marching In", or "We are Tottenham."

But for me, there is only one song that I associate most with Tottenham Hotspur: Diamond Lights. Now for those too young or unfamiliar, this song was released by two Spurs legends, Chris Waddle and Glenn Hoddle. It is an epic of 80's cheesiness: a heavy synth line, meaningless lyrics, and way too much glow-in-the dark in the video. Check it out after the jump.


The legacy is rich for Spurs players and their songs, from the songs Chas & Dave made with the squads to the legendary songs by Gazza: the incredible twosome of "Geordie Boys" and "Fog on the Tyne"



Now this year's Spurs squad obviously has the talent to take on the road, just look at what they did in Milan. Everyone might be down after a rough game against Blackpool, but I know what can get this Tottenham team firing back at top level: more duets. So looking at this current squad, let's pick the next rock stars to come out of White Hart Lane with the help of some more 80's classics.

5. Ledley King and Jonathan Woodgate - Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.

The beloved center defense pair has been two bedrocks of the club, combining together to help Tottenham win their last piece of hardware, the 2008 Carling Cup. Unfortunately this year has seen the two hurt so much that they have personal tables in the trainer's room. Their shared pain would sound fantastic over R.E.M.'s melancholy classic.

4. Steven Pienaar and Benoit Assou-Ekotto - Africa by Toto

After seeing the yeoman's work the pair did on the left side of the field against A.C. Milan, it's only fitting they get honored with their own single. For them it seems they should honor their homeland with Toto's hit (the fact that it's my favorite drunk song completely unrelated).  I can only imagine the excellence in hearing BAE try to hit the high notes David Paich lays down in the song.

3. Roman Pavluychenko and Jermain Defoe - Its Tricky by Run-DMC

For this pair, scoring this year has been... tricky. Defoe hasn't scored in league play, and Pavluychenko's scoring form has disappeared for months at a time. After Harry Redknapp called them out the other day for their lack of scoring, I think it would be appropriate for the pair to respond in rhyme with a Jam Master Jay beat behind them. The world needs a Super Pav rap.

2. Peter Crouch and Rafael van der Vaart - Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul & MC Skat Kat

With about a foot difference his height and a different language between them, Peter Crouch and VdV don't seem to have much in common (besides a taste in beautiful women). Yet the combination of Crouch knocking balls onto Rafa has been the number one goal combination fro Spurs on the season. Coming together for Abdul's duet with an animated character would be outstanding for the pair up top. I imagine Crouch playing the Skat Kat part and VdV the Abdul, coming together to make some 80's riffic music.

1. Gareth Bale and Luka Modric - Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears

Bale has set the world on fire after his "Taxi for Maicon" games, and Luka Modric has had the season finally that has shown Europe's elite that he may be the Croatian Xavi. Spurs are going to face an assault in the summer for both players, but in the short term, the pair has the chance to lead Tottenham through Europe. Everybody wants to rule the world, but this pair is the two for the Lilywhites that can actually do it. Sing it, boys.