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Link Roundup (Three Man Strike Force! Edition)

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I am moving past the dreadful transfer window (at least I don't have to scour through bullshit rumors anymore) and proceeding directly to the links. Lets go.

Team News

-We'll be hosting Bolton at the Lane tomorrow. Kickoff is 10 am ET.

-Bolton's Stuart Holden is still weary of Spurs, despite our injury list.

-Harry to the forwards: Get your shit together

-The bromance between David Beckham and Harry Redknapp is now over, and might be back as early as this summer if Harry has his way. 

-Chairman Daniel Levy apparently REALLY wants the Olympic Stadium site, and is willing to sue. This could get a lot messier than it already is. 

Around the league

-DEFINITELY catch Sunday's match between Liverpool and Chelsea. New Blue Fernando Torres has stated he won't celebrate if he scores against his former club. 

-David Moyes is bracing for a possible Everton exodus.