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You Will All Be Stunned To Learn That The Italian Press Is Butthurt

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Paolo Bandini of The Guardian has passed along some spectacular information to us this morning. Apparently, the Italian press is a little bitter that the team at the top of their table was beaten by a team in fifth place in the English Premier League. AC Milan are not the first Italian club to be knocked out of European competition, and if Bayern Munich has their way with Inter Milan, they won't be the last either. Still, Tottenham Hotspur are a crap football team. They played anti-football except for that one counter attack. They have no business in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals. All sound right to you guys?

I'd like to give you a quote from Fabrizio Bolla, a journalist at La Repubblica. He said, via Paolo Bandini's translation:

"Tottenham are only fifth in the Premier League and this too gives us the measure of our [Italian] football."

Indeed, sir.