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Tottenham Hotspur Link Roundup (Are you watching Arsenal? Edition)

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Wow. Wow. Wow. This is absolutely the biggest week I've enjoyed since following Spurs. A big thank you to everyone coming through the site now and spreading the word about CFC. Onto the links!

Team News

-Soak it in...again.

-No one seems happier than Harry about advancing into the quarterfinals. Looking ahead, he wants nothing to do with Barca (neither do I) and Crouchy believes in going all the way in the Champions League. 

-The boys will have the weekend off and return to action next Saturday against West Ham at the Lane. Kickoff is at 8:45 am ET. 

-England U-19 midfielder Dean Parrett is joining Charlton Athletic on loan for the rest of the season. 

-The squad will have a new kit sponsor next season in 2012: Under Armour. I'm crossing my fingers for a "WE MUST PROTECT THIS LANE" commercial. 

-Harry talks about Ledley King's future. The article also has some possible replacements for the blog namesake in case anything happens. 

Fodder for the Summer Transfer Window

-Well well well...after a fantastic performance against AC Milan Wednesday, the Rossoneri are looking at snatching up Sandro this summer

-Kevin reported about the swirling rumors of Atletico Madrid pair Sergio Aguero and Diego Forlan possibly making it to the Lane earlier this week. My two cents on it all: It's insanely annoying hearing stuff like that, but we're going to need to get used to things like this, for both incoming transfers and players we would transfer (Bale, Sandro, VdV, Modric, etc).  Due to our progress this year, I think that players will be wanting to come here more than they're going to want to leave though.