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Tottenham Hotspur To Challenge West Ham Olympic Stadium Decision In Court

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We really are a bunch of sore losers, aren't we? Seriously, I'm making a dismissive wanking motion in the general direction of North London. Just like the kid who takes his ball home so no one can play because you asked him to take his turn playing defense, Tottenham Hotspur are going to court to challenge the decision to grant the Olympic Stadium to West Ham United. Seriously.

When I first heard this was a possibility, I hoped it wasn't true. I even called Daniel Levy a crybaby and insisted that he was embarrassing us. Now, he's insisting on embarrassing the club even further by going through with a nonsense challenge of the OPLC's decision. You lost! Get over it.

Here's a quote from the above-linked Guardian article, from a statement issued by the team.

"The club's lawyers have written letters to the OPLC, the Mayor of London, the Minister of Sport and the Secretary of State for Local Government and a separate letter to the London Borough of Newham raising a number of concerns with the processes which led to the award."

We really need to hire a new PR firm.