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I Hate How @SpursOfficial Teases The Hell Out Of Us

Seriously. Every game. Every game they do this stuff instead of just giving the lineup. No you couldn't tell us what's going on. Who could possibly actually want to know who Tottenham Hotspur are starting. They're only playing AC Milan, after all. It's just the UEFA Champions League, too. Small competition. No big.

Team news is reaching us. Bale only makes the bench, as does Ledley King! VDV and Corluka fit to start...less than a minute ago via web


FFS JUST TELL US THE LINEUPS WE ARE DYING. I hate when they do this crap! Still, good news. Van der Vaart and Corluka are fit to start, which are pleasant surprises. Especially Corluka, since Alan Hutton sucks, as we discussed earlier. Bale starting on the bench is absolutely no surprise. Still, I'm feeling pretty confident about our lineup.

We don't know who the midfield is, but I feel like 'Arry is probably going with Jermaine Jenas in the center instead of Wilson Palacios or Sando. I seriously disagree with this, but it is what it is. It will be more interesting to see AC Milan's team selection.