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Tottenham Hotspur Vs. AC Milan: 0-0 (1-0) Full Time, Spurs Advance To UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals

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Seriously guys, I can't even write this. I think I need some time to chill out and process what happened. Kind of like last night, where I was freaking out and wrote the short preview, but on game day, I was focused and in writing mode. Same thing should happen tomorrow. So, this is bare bones, tomorrow is hard analysis. Tottenham Hotspur drew AC Milan in the second leg of their UEFA Champions League encounter. They're through to the quarterfinals after winning 1-0 on aggregate, and the draw takes place next Friday.

The man of the match was a close contest between Sandro and William Gallas, who were both absolutely brilliant. It's not terribly surprising that the experienced Gallas was great, but even though he was brilliant in pressure situations in Copa Libertadores and brilliant at the San Siro, it was still a slight surprise to see Sandro play so well. He had one bad giveaway that almost led to a scoring chance late in the second half, but he was brilliant otherwise. Just for that error, Gallas wins the prize for me.

No one outside of those two was spectacular, but everyone did their job. Peter Crouch fought for balls in the air, Luka Modric and Rafael van der Vaart looked solid on the ball, Aaron Lennon looked dangerous on the wing, Steven Pienaar worked hard tracking back, and none of the back line made errors. Zlatan Ibrahimovic was once again rendered irrelevant in a big game.

Spurs play West Ham on Saturday in a classic letdown/trap game. Let's hope three points is on the way. More analysis tomorrow.