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Splash The Cash: Get Connor Wickham

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Last week's revelation that teenage starlet Connor Wickham would be signing a contract extension with Ipswich Town wasn't a great shock; the Championship side has garnered a mass of attention from Premier League teams over their 18-year-old striker, and it's a smart business move to make sure the club can get maximum money when they inevitably sell Wickham. The biggest blow of the article was Harry Redknapp's two cents on the situation, saying Wickham needed at least another year in the Championship before making the move up to the EPL.

I'll be the first to admit taking a gamble on an 18-year-old is a fairly risky proposition, but this is something that Spurs will need to grow into: being considered a large club in the EPL. In order to keep the other five large teams (Manchester United, Chelsea, LIverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City) at bay, Spurs will need to be able to invest in young talent such as Wickham. There are also other areas of the team needing cash (defense and a proven striker) but investing to the future of the club is also very important.

So Harry, I implore you sir, please reconsider your stance on Wickham. There are such things as incentive laced transfers that would limit the amount of money being spent on young Connor, and there is a practice also known as a "loan" that would allow him to get that extra year of seasoning in the Championship. Allowing Liverpool (who are high on Wickham) or another top team rival swoop for young talent is unacceptable.