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Really Starting To Lose It With Schedule People

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See that guy on the right? You have to watch him this weekend. Why? Because Spurs aren't playing. Once again, it's a weekend without Tottenham Hotspur. The scheduling folks have seriously screwed with us over and over again this year, and this really isn't the time. It's the middle of April. It's almost completely over. We can't get football every weekend until the end of the season, at least during this time of the year? Ugh.

Okay, so I should be happy. The boys will be nice and rested for the upcoming North London Derby, which is a huge match for both teams. Spurs seriously need a result to stay in the hunt for a top four place, while Arsenal need a win to stay in the title race. A draw does nothing for either team. Kissing your sister and all that.

So, watch the Manchester Derby or El Clasico this weekend. There's actually some surprisingly good football in France. CSKA Moscow-Rubin Kazan should be good.

But it's not Spurs. Gah.