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PFA Awards 2011: Gareth Bale Named PFA Player Of The Year...WAIT WHAT?!?

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Okay guys, you know I love Welsh Jesus. Like a lot. Gareth Bale is one of my favorite players in world football, and I don't think that Spurs should accept less than £50m if they're ever willing to sell him. Having said that...HAHAHAHAHA!!! Gareth Bale is the 2010-2011 PFA Player of the Year?!? What in the hell?!? What clowns vote on this sort of thing? If we're just taking domestic performances into account, he's not even the best player ON HIS OWN TEAM. Van der Vaart was our best player in the league, and Luka might have done more for our successes than Bale.

Seriously, this is preposterous. The man has one assist! I can come up with at least ten guys who I think deserve this award more off the top of my head. Second was Samir Nasri and third was Carlos Tevez. How can anyone think either of those players has not had a season as good as Bale? HOW?!? I seriously don't understand. How about Dimitar Berbatov and his 21 league goals? How about the dominant Nemanja Vidic? The criminally under-appreciated Michael Essien? Nigel De Jong? Vincent Kompany? AM I INSANE?

No, I'm not insane, the PFA voters are insane. I love Gareth Bale, but come on. Absurd.