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Gareth Bale Commits To Spurs...Again!

Bale will be a Spur for eternity...right?  (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)
Bale will be a Spur for eternity...right? (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Guess what, guys? Gareth Bale wants to stay at Spurs. He really, really does. He said so again today! He's not going anywhere because he's committed to the club and will stick with the club through thick and thin!

"I'm enjoying my football at Tottenham," Bale said. "We've got a great manager and a great, young squad. We're still learning a lot this season with the Champions League and it's exciting times.

"We've got a new training ground coming, which I'm looking forward to, and hopefully a new ground as well. It's exciting times and I think we're all confident of winning something soon."

The way things are going it looks like we won't have a new ground for a while so it's nice of Bale to commit to the club until he's 49 years old. Welsh Jesus is a Spur and will be for eternity!

In all seriousness, Bale is going to keep saying these things and I don't doubt at all that he is happy with Tottenham. He got a year of Champions League football and is with a team that allowed him to play an attacking style while even winning some matches here and there. There is no reason to believe that he's actively looking to move on to a better club so I do take Bale at his word.

That said, if Real Madrid or another mega club comes calling with a transfer fee that Spurs can't say no to and wages in excess of £100,000, Bale will likely skip on out of White Hart Lane and on to the Bernabeu, San Siro or wherever he moves on to. That's just the reality of the situation and the reality of world football. In the meantime, Bale will continue to make comments like this and be completely honest about it, but that doesn't exactly mean what it looks like it means.