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Tottenham Hotspur Protest Manchester City Fixture Change, Are Giant Crybabies

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Once again, the people in charge of Tottenham Hotspur are in serious need of a waaaaahmbulance. First, we protested the OLC's decision to grant the Olympic Stadium to West Ham United, simply because we disagreed with why the decision was made (we're a big club with teh monies!!!!11). Now, we're protesting the re-arranging of Manchester City's schedule after their qualification for the FA Cup Final.

Basically, our argument centers around a belief that, if Stoke City gain a European place by winning the FA Cup, they have no incentive to win their league match against City, and therefore, might throw it. Ignore the fact that they have no incentive to lose the match either. Or that Tony Pulis is not likely to throw a game. Or that Manchester City would have a very good chance of beating a full strength Stoke team anyway.

You know how Spurs can ensure that they qualify for UEFA Champions League in a fair manner? WIN GAMES.

I am sick of this team's persistent bitching. No excuses. If we don't finish fourth, it's because we weren't good enough and for no other reason, period.