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Harry Redknapp Calls Arsene Wenger A "Nutter"; Means It In Nicest Way Possible

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Tottenham Hotspur Manager Harry Redknapp told the press that he fully supports Arsene Wenger as manager of Tottenham's North London rivals, Arsenal. Spurs' Boss blasted the Arsenal fans have, seemingly, become disillusioned with life under Wenger, insisting that the Frenchman has been put under pressure by the "sad'' and "idiotic'' supporters who call radio phone-ins to air their grievances about their team every week.

I don't understand how they can criticise him. They have had fantastic success and play great football,'' Redknapp said. "He managed a team that went a whole season unbeaten. What an achievement that was. That was amazing to do that. He has won enough trophies at Arsenal already. He doesn't need another to have vindication, surely. His record stands up anyway.'

If you lose a few games some people call these silly phone-ins and say: 'They were rubbish today. They were absolutely useless' when they weren't even at the game, they were listening to it on the radio or shopping with the wife. I don't listen to them. I'll turn the radio on and put Magic FM on instead. I want to listen to some music. I don't want to listen to a bunch of idiots. They must have sad lives.

Redknapp acknowledged, that certainly, the pressure on Wenger must be greater because the man who was regarded as professorial when he came to Arsenal is now "one of the biggest nutters of all". Redknapp pointed to the Frenchman's touchline spat with Liverpool manager Kenny Daglish as evidence of this point.

I love this little bit of backhanded support. Harry's no Jose Mourinho when it comes to mind games, he's too forthright. This, however, praising Wenger while still telling everyone he's a bit nuts is awesome. Just stokes the North London Derby fires a little more.