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Jermain Defoe Becomes The 16th Player To Score 100 Goals For Tottenham Hotspur

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This year, I don't think any of us have been massive Jermain Defoe fans. Additionally, the draw against West Brom seriously hurt. However, that doesn't mean we should ignore this bit of news. With his goal against West Brom on Saturday (which was a pretty nice one), Jermain Defoe became the 16th player in Tottenham Hotspur's history to score 100 goals for the club.

Obviously Defoe's time was not spent here in one spell, nor was that of Robbie Keane, another one of the club's 100 goal scorers, but it's still very cool to see a player score 100 goals for one club in an era when players seem to be moving from club to club constantly.

If you're no historian, Spurs' all-time leading goalscorer is Jimmy Greaves, who scored 266 goals for the club. I already mentioned Robbie Keane, who has 122, and one of my other favorite Spurs, Teddy Sheringham, has 124. My favorite guy on this list has to be midfield ace Glenn Hoddle, who scored 110 goals in 490 appearances for the club as one of England's greatest box-to-box midfield players.

Check out the story from on Defoe's milestone, along with the entire list of 100 goal scorers for the club.