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Tottenham Hotspur News: Bongani Khumalo Injured While On Loan

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It would seem as though all of Tottenham Hotspur's defenders are destined to suffer horrible injuries. Even the ones not currently playing for the club, like Bongani Khumalo. The South African central defender, who joined Tottenham in January, has been on loan at Preston North End since March making five appearances. He was forced to leave the Saturday's 4-0 defeat to Millwall due to a foot injury.

Today, Tottenham Hotspur revealed that Khumalo had undergone surgery on his left foot and is out for the remainder of the season. He is expected to make a full recovery in time for the preseason. Khumalo will surely be disappointed as reviews of his performance with Preston have generally been positive and he certainly could have used more time to get accustomed to the English game.

Khumalo has yet to play for Spurs, but it's a bit odd that anyone that plays defense for Spurs, particularly central defense, seems to get injured. Maybe we should be investing in a new physio staff as opposed to a new striker.