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Tottenham Hotspur’s Lack Of Focus

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With a certain UEFA Champions League quarterfinal clash looming, I feel it’s pertinent to highlight a problem that’s encompassing both the Tottenham Hotspur players and fans.

That problem is focus, or rather, lack of it. Saturday’s Premier League game away to Wigan Athletic is a case in point. Before the game, all the talk was about the players who could miss the Real Madrid game and not the game that’s our ‘Bread and Butter’ which was the Wigan Athletic game. Such talk completely disregards and disrespects our upcoming opponents, as well as not concentrating on the current task in hand.

The Tottenham players, as well as ourselves as fans have to really take each game as it comes. Yes, we’re all looking forward to our double header with Real Madrid, but we must also remember that it is our Premier League clashes that are equally vital to our season (possibly more vital).

To continue, it’s our sparking Premier League form last season that laid the foundations for our qualification into the UEFA Champions League this season. As you’ll all know, if we don’t finish strong in the Premier League and finish at least fourth, there’ll be no more Champions League nights at White Hart Lane (and I quite like hearing the Champions League music at White Hart lane too).

It’s imperative that we treat our remaining Premier League encounters with equal importance to our Champions League matches. This is something that we haven’t been doing. The focus and excitement that we share for our Champions League games must be shared for our Premier League encounters also. Looking at the points we’ve dropped this season, we’d be 3rd easily, instead we’re looking over our shoulders in 5th place. This cannot continue.

If there is one Premier League fixture that we’ve all got one eye on, than it’s our penultimate fixture against Manchester City. Knocking them out of the Champions League race would be sweet, but we have to stay in the race first. Let’s all try and take each football match as it comes, for the benefit of Tottenham Hotspur.