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Good/Bad News, Tottenham Don't Need Fifth Place To Make The Europa League

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The Premier League has been awarded an extra place in the UEFA Europa League for winning the Fair Play table. Chelsea are currently leading, but they've already locked up Champions League qualification so they're out. As it stands, Tottenham and Fulham are level for second place. Pending the results of the final game, Tottenham could make it back to Europe without finishing in fifth.

Here's how the Fair Play table works. Teams are judged based cards received, positivity of play (which we should win hands down), respect to opponents, respect to the referee, behavior of team officials, and behavior of fans. I'd go into more depth on the calculation but it's very boring and, in my opinion, very stupid.

Seemingly every year a teams from Scandinavia (particularly ones from Norway and Sweden) get two of the three extra spots from Fair Play. The last time an English team got a Fair Play spot was Ipswich Town in 2002. The last time the standings were calculated was April 30th so who knows where things stand now. Tottenham, Fulham, and even Blackpool are in contention for the spot.

If you're like me, you'd probably rather have Tottenham not play in Europe at all and instead focus on the league and domestic cup competitions. Honestly, I kind of hope Blackpool pip both Spurs and Fulham for the position. They've been a revelation in the Premier League, even if they do go down Europa League football would certainly be a nice consolation for the Seasiders.

Basically to avoid getting this fair play thing we need to get some guys sent off, play very negative football, and perhaps punch a linesman (or assistant referee, for those of you that are politically correct). So, how about it Spurs fans? Europa League: yea or nay? If we finish sixth, but still qualify based on Fair Play will how will you feel? I certainly won't be doing cartwheels.