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Sending Birmingham Down And Other Fun Things Tottenham Hotspur Can Do This Week

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I don't like Birmingham City, which I haven't been shy about. I'm sure that a lot of their fans are very nice people and that Alex McLeish and a lot of his players are great people off the pitch, but on the pitch they're generally a bunch of total asshats. This is why, above all other reasons, I hope Tottenham Hotspur wins this weekend.

Of course, I always want us to win, but I'd be advocating playing a team filled with youth and reserve players if we were playing any other team this weekend. As Bryan Ashlock noted earlier this week, we don't actually need this game to get into Europe. I'm also one of those people who is not completely sold on the merits of making it into Europa League, even as I watch a fantastic Porto side play in the Europa League final. We finished fourth and made it to the Champions League in a year where we had no Europa League to worry about. This was not a fluke.

Right now, Birmingham City sit on 40 points, just one point above the drop zone. With a little luck (Read: Alex Ferguson playing a youth side and bottling it), we can send Birmingham down with a victory. If you wouldn't rather see Blackpool and/or Wigan in the Premier League than Birmingham then you just don't like football.