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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links May 23, 2011

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Well the last game of the season has come and gone and I think it went rather well.  We did exactly what we were supposed to do and "Nonchalant Pav",  as I will now call him, showed up banged in two. We had our last game thread for awhile, and I shall miss you all during the long dark days of summer where there are no games and only the emotional roller coaster of Spurs being linked to every player over the age of 7 to entertain us.  To survive this crushing time please see our fearless leader Kevin McCauley's football addict's summer survival guide.

But Enough Of That Rubbish Its News Time!

Levy Says He Won't Sell Stars-Sky Sports

When Mr Levy says things he defiantly will not do I think to myself  "Oh so he is going to do exactly the opposite of that".  But that's just me. Happy trails Gareth Bale and Luka Modric.

Gervinho Tottenham's Number 1 Target-Fans FC

And that is your daily addition of things that won't happen.

Carlo Sacked By Chelsea-SkySports

In an unrelated story some Russian billionaire is a terrible sport, allegedly the European Dan Snyder.  The Daily Mail is claiming an exclusive source calling Guus Hiddink, and you'll NEVER believe it, Jose Mourinho to take over, well maybe you will believe it.

Wigan Survive!-The Sun

What are the odds that after Jose Mourinho turns down a Chelsea return we start seeing the words "Harry Redknapp linked to Blues move" I'd say 3-1. Odds these reports will be complete crap? 1 bajillion percent

SB Nation Reacts To Drop Down Day Events After The Jump

Our Sister Site Ranks Moyes' Outfits Of the Season-Royal Blue Mersey

This is an end of season examination i can get behind, and i don't know why

Potential Chelsea Managers: Marco van Basten

Sorry about all the Chelsea links but its the biggest story of the day unless you are Wigan, Blackpool, or Birmingham.