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Tottenham Transfer Rumor Tuesday: An Exciting New Striker And Some Boring Defenders

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The Premier League season has finally come to an end and it's time for various teams to pick over the scraps of the relegated teams. Not exactly the recipe for success is it? "Hey, you weren't good enough to keep you previous club from playing in the Championship, why don't you come help us make the Champions League?" It's just not logical. For that reason I will no longer be discussing links between Tottenham Hotspur and the relegated sides: West Ham United, Blackpool, and Birmingham.

An important thing for any team to consider when buying a player is experience. Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has, in the past, spoken of the importance of buying players with Premier League experience. I'm with Harry on this issue. The English league is a totally different animal from all the world's other leagues and for every Javier Hernandez that comes in and succeeds there are ten Grzegorz Rasiak's who never make an impact.

I certainly don't think that means a team should avoid buying foreign talent, but I do think teams and fans need to moderate their expectations. Look at Edin Dzeko. He has hardly lived up to expectations at Manchester City, but perhaps he will come good soon. Now, onto the rumors:

But What About Danielle Lloyd?: Jamie O'Hara, who spent the second half of the season on loan with Wolverhampton Wanderers, announced his preference to stay with Wolves for next season. A fee of around £5 million has already been agreed to now it's just up to Wolves to pull the trigger. If this deal goes through Danielle Lloyd will not be dating a Spurs player for the first time in forever. All good things must come to an end.

A Solution To The Gomes Problem: PSV Chief Marcel Brands claims that Heurelho Gomes is looking to leave Tottenham and return to Eindhoven in the summer. One certainly can't deny the success Gomes had in the Eredivisie, but it's certainly a step down. The only reason why I'd like this move is if we brought in a competent goalkeeper beforehand. I'm not comfortable selling Gomes without a replacement already on hand.No matter what though, there's no way we're getting back the nearly £8 million we paid PSV for him.

Stop Me If You've Heard This Before: Rumors of Tottenham purchasing Lorient's Kevin Gameiro and Espanyol's Pablo Osvaldo have intensified. And if I know anything about Spurs it's that the more intense the rumors are the less likely the player is to join. How many Rafael Van der Vaart rumors did you hear last summer. That's right, none. Anyways, back to the rumors. I've said before, that Gameiro is intriguing. There are questions about whether he has the physicality to handle the Premier League, but, in my opinion, he has the requisite skill to be a success. I'm still not high on Osvaldo.

#WeNeedAStriker: Yes, the last rumor was about strikers, but this is a new one! Spurs and Barcelona are on the trail of 21 year-old Brazilian striker Leandro. The youngster has been in impressive form scoring 22 goals in 24 appearances for Internacional and earning a call-up to the Brazilian National team. Let's not forget that back in 2009 Tottenham announced a partnership between to the two clubs, which eventually lead to the signing of Sandro. If ever Spurs were to have an advantage over Barcelona, this would be it. Leandro is an intriguing prospect and would be a big get for Spurs.

No Thanks. What Else Have You Got?: Harry Redknapp is spoken about his preference for experience and leadership. With that in mind he is targeting Everton's Sylvain Distin as a replacement for Sebastien Bassong. Distin is 31 years-old and has played for Harry previously, at Portsmouth. This deal makes sense, but I don't have to like it. Can't see Distin as anything more than 4th choice. Why not give Steven Caulker the opportunity to fill that role?

Player We're Not Being Link With But Should Be: There's been some chatter of late about another Croatian play joining Tottenham Hotspur. No ones has confirmed who it might be yet, but I'm almost certain it's not Darijo Srna. If we're going to buy a Croatian, might I suggest Dynamo Kiev's Ognjen Vukojević. Vukojević plays as a defensive midfielder and has been referred to as "Dinamo's Gattuso" during his spell with Dinamo Zagreb. At 27 Vukojević is younger than Scott Parker and could be available for cheaper. He has Champion League experience and while he may not be a consistent starter his pricetag could make him a better option than Parker.

Player We're Actually Going To Sign...This Week: This is the most difficult thing for me to come up with every week. Mostly because I have no idea what Harry Redknapp and Spurs' Chairman Daniel Levy are going to do. I try to think of the most boring signing I can and then go with that. If I hadn't already talked about Distin I'd use him here. Instead I'm going to go with: Phil Neville. Yes, Distin's Everton teammate and a player we were linked with in January. David Moyes has claimed he wouldn't let Neville leave for any price, but Moyes needs to be realistic and an offer of £3 million would probably be enough. I don't want this signing, but I'm resigned to the fact that it will happen if only because Harry loves leaders.