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Tottenham Hotspur Transfer News And Rumors: Harry Redknapp Willing To Consider Offers For 14 Players

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Fourteen! As we all know, the Tottenham Hotspur squad is very large. Thanks to some loans and long-term injuries, we were able to skirt the rules a little bit this season, but Spurs really have to sell some players this summer to cut the wage bill, get some money for reinforcements, and get under the Premier League's 25 man squad limit. As a result, Harry Redknapp is willing to consider offers for up to 14 of his players this summer. They include Gomes, Jermain Defoe, Roman Pavlyuchenko, Niko Kranjcar, Wilson Palacios, David Bentley and Jermaine Jenas, among others.

Some of these dudes were obviously on their way out, while others are guys who most of us would like to see stick around. Daniel Levy doesn't like to sell guys at a loss, but in some cases he's going to have to cut his losses. David Bentley won't be sold for more than half of what we paid for him, and we won't get a solid return on the investments in Wilson Palacios, Alan Hutton and Sebastien Bassong. Robbie Keane doesn't count because Liverpool paid £8m to take him for six months.

Let's deal with all of these guys systematically, shall we?

Jermain Defoe - Only worth selling if a good offer comes in. He was poor this year, but we're not finding a better player for less than £7m, and that is a very lowball estimate.

Roman Pavlyuchenko - Many question his effort, but he's actually our most efficient scorer. Selling him for a cut-rate price would be stupid.

Wilson Palacios - This guy was elite just a year ago. I feel like he can bounce back. Should only be sold of someone matches his original purchase price, which is not happening.

Gomes - I'll take anything reasonable, honestly.

Ben Alnwick - Free transfer, for all I care.

Alan Hutton - First team that offers us a cheese sandwich can have him.

Kyle Naughton - Must match original purchase price or loan with an option to buy at original purchase price.

Sebastien Bassong - Honestly I think this dude's career is pretty toast. Seriously regressed, and my gut feeling is it's not just a dip in form like Palacios. I have minimal faith in this guy.

Jermaine Jenas - Cheese sandwich.

David Bentley - Cheese sandwich.

Niko Kranjcar - I want him to leave just because he deserves playing time. We can get solid money for him. Sad to see him go.

Jamie O'Hara - Since Wolves stayed up we'll probably ditch him for around £4m.

Robbie Keane - God West Ham sucks. He was almost gone. Cheese sandwich.

Giovani Dos Santos - Was great during his loan in La Liga. Has never been given a fair chance. Will become Taarabt 2.0, if not better if he gets sold somewhere where he is the starter. I am very disappointed in how we have handled Gio's career.

I'm hoping we can have a good discussion about this in the comments. Who's available for the right price? Who do you not want sold at all? Who needs to leave regardless of the offer? Chat it out boys and girls.