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Addressing Harry Redknapp To Chelsea Rumors

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Despite Harry Redknapp's best efforts to completely squash rumors that Chelsea FC are going to hire him to be their new manager, the rumors just won't go away. Various bookies have various odds on this happening, with many having Harry as the favorite. Obviously, as the manager of a Spurs blog, I have to address this stuff, so I'm going to make this fairly brief.

This will be the last post about Harry Redknapp to Chelsea rumors until one of two things happens: It is confirmed that Redknapp is speaking to Chelsea about the job or Daniel Levy and Harry Redknapp confirm that Redknapp has no interest in the job. Right now, all we have is he said, she said BS. There's nothing to report on. If Harry actually talks to Chelsea and we have it confirmed, we'll write about it.

For now, I'm not terribly concerned. I think he'll stay, and if he doesn't, oh well. Chelsea's a bigger job and you all know that I think Harry is a slightly overrated manager. Life goes on.

Back to your regularly scheduled blog.