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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For May 27, 2011

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It's Friday and you know what that means! You arrive 30 minutes late to work, you wear jeans and sandles but hide in your office so that your boss doesn't see, and you stop doing actual work at 11:45. It's also the begining of the weekend featuring the last hurrah of European club soccer until August. So on Sunday please take the appropriate actions ( I know I will be), look up what exactly the Copa Libertadores is, and google which MLS team you should have been supporting for the last 10 years.

And now the news

Spurs Are In First Place In The Race To Land Damiao-Daily Mail

First we are linked to Falcao, then this guy who I hope to God becomes an attacking version of Sandro.  Is anyone else just reading all of these stories linking Spurs to great strikers and rocking back and forth mumbling "this is awesome" over and over again?

The Sun Has Its Flop IX Of The Season Out-The Sun

No, Alan Hutton did not make the list, but another certain Spur did.  Lets just say that you could call him Butterfingers McGee in a blog and everyone reading it would know exactly who you are walking about.

Harry Redknapp's opinion of Messi-The Spoiler

This is just ripe for @#$% Harry Redknapp says, he is like England's Joe Biden.

Your Daily Cristian Ceballos Tease

Because I just can't help myself..

What's going on around SB Nation after the jump

More FIFA Bribery Allegations And Power Plays-SB Nation Soccer

The more this story unfolds around the election for new FIFA head the more it resembles The Borgias, nothing but backstabbing bribery and inside politics. Only not nearly as entertaining.

Madrid Fire Director Valdano, Give More Power To The Special One- SB Nation Soccer

Looks like somebody isn't going anywhere for awhile. Paella > fish and chips

Five Offseason Questions For Man City-Bitter & Blue

Bitter & Blue examines some of the key questions surrounding the rapidly built empire of that other team from Manchester.

Have a great weekend everyone!